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From University Book House...Education Initiates
Our business offers many resources and supplies for educational benefits. We offer many Arabic books that are published by us and are used in many countries worldwide. Our mission isn't just to make profit but to educate as many people as possible too and to make this world a growing place for education.

University Book House has been opened for twenty five years and is still supplying and publishing Arabic and English books worldwide. University Book House has been founded by Talaat Abu Taha in Al Ain City in United Arab Emirates on 1979.

University Book House began by Talaat Fayez Abu Taha and his brother Mousa Abu Taha and is still run by both of them till today. We also have a successful group of employees that work together for the comfort of our customers.
University Book House has two important things they work with. The trust in their work and the speed they accomplish it. These are two things we follow when we try to accomplish our work.
If you dont believe any of what we just said then the only solution we have for you is that you come and try us out to see if we really are saying the truth or not. By that way you will see that University Book House is one of the best bookshops in the Middle East.
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