Architecture & Civilization

Title Author Publisher
100 of the World's Tallest Buildings Zaknic Images Press
20th Century Architecture Ireland (1997) Becker Prestel
A Book of Home Plans Ghose CBS Publishing
A History of Achitecture (Sir Banister Fletcher's) (12th edition) Cruickshank CBS Publishing
Absolutely Entertaining! (The World of Entertainment Graphics) Design  Nippan 
Al Lado De Alongside Balcells GG
Alexander Greek Thomson Stamp Laurence King
Alrededor De Around  Nada GG
Alvaro Siza Testa Birkhauser
Alvaro Siza Jodidio Taschen
Arabic Art d' Avennes L'Aventurine
Architects and Urban Planners 1970-2000 Koch  Birkhauser
Architectural Drafting and Design Jefferis Delmar Publishing
Architectural Graphic Standards: A Reissue of a Design Classic  Ramsey John Wiley & Sons
Architecture and Technology: The Best of Environmental Design Winslow PBC International
Architecture, Architektur, Arquitectura Wheeler L'Aventurine
Arredo's Febbraio 1997 Rivista  
Art Deco Furniture Duncan Thames & Hudson
Art Directors Club of Europe Best of European Design and Advertising     Laurence King
Art for the Wall, Furniture & Accessories 13   The Guild
Art of Engineering Blaser Birkhauser
Art Vivant Contemporary Korean Artists Kim Sigongsa
Art Vivant Contemporary Korean Artists Koo Sigongsa
Art Vivant Contemporary Korean Artists Cho Sigongsa
Art Vivant Contemporary Korean Artists Shim Sigongsa
Art Vivant Contemporary Korean Artists Suh Sigongsa
Art Vivant Contemporary Korean Artists Kim Sigongsa
Art Vivant Contemporary Korean Artists Kim Sigongsa
Art Vivant Contemporary Korean Artists Han Sigongsa
Art Vivant Contemporary Korean Artists Yoo Sigongsa
Art Vivant Contemporary Korean Artists Kim Sigongsa
Art Vivant Contemporary Korean Artists Yook Sigongsa
AutoCAD for Architecture  Jefferis  Autodesk Press
Barrier-Free Residential Design Peloquin McGraw-Hill
Basic Construction Blueprint Reading (2nd edition) Huth Delmar Publishing
Bauwelt Berlin Annual Chronology of Building Events 1997 Duttmann Birkhauser
Bauwelt Berlin Annual Chronology of Building Events 1998 Duttmann Birkhauser 
Bauwelt Berlin Annual Chronology of Building Events 1999/2000 Duttmann Birkhauser
Beach Weekend Homes Montes HBI
Begegnungen: An Architect Meets Architects Blaser Birkhauser
Best Designed Doors Modern Black Rose
Best Designed Stained Glass Windows Modern M.B.D. Publishers
Best of Gates & Grills Modern M.B.D. Publishers
Beyond Public Architecture Strategies for Design Evaluations Shirvani Van Nostrand R
Birkhauser Architectural Guide Spain 1920-1999 Sola-Morales Birkhauser
Brave New Houses Architectural Innovation in Southern California Webb Thames & Hudson
Builder's Guide to Cosmetic Remodeling Powers McGraw-Hill
Building Construction Details Practical Drawing Banz CBS Publishing
Building Construction Illustrated Ching CBS Publishing
Building Construction Illustrated Ching Van Nostrand R
Building Drawings (3rd edition) Shah Tata McGraw-Hill
Cairo 969-1969 de Cultura Fundacion Egipcia
Canale 3 Foussard Arcaedizioni
Carchitecture When the Car and the City Collide Bell Birkhauser
Carpets for the Home de Moubray Laurence King
Charming Hotels   HBI
Children's Book Illustration And Design Volume 2 Cummins PBC International
Chronology of Building Events 1996 to 2001: 1997   Birkhauser
Chronology of Building Events 1996 to 2001: 1998 Berlin Birkhauser
Chronology of Building Events 1996 to 2001: 1999 / 2000 Berlin Birkhauser
Civil Architecture Dattner McGraw-Hill
Civilizations of the Middle East   Cherrytree Books
Civilizations Past & Present (8th edition) (Volume 11 from 1648) Wallbank Harper Collins
Collaborations: The Architecture of ABK Powell Birkhauser
Color Harmony for Interior Design Gill Rockpot Publishers
Colors for Living Bedrooms Pugh Rockpot Publishers
Commercial Space Boutiques Cerver Arco Colour
Commercial Space Office Furniture Cerver Arco Colour
Commercial Space Restaurants Cerver Arco Colour
Commercial Space Shop, Windows, Cosmetics Cerver Arco Colour
Communication Arts 35th Annual Juried Competition Photography and Illustration Coyne Communication Art
Communication Arts 36th Annual Juried Competition Photography and Illustration Coyne Communication Art
Complete Decorative Projects Japp's Colour Library
Construction Print Reading Koel Delmar Publishing
Contested Symmetries the Architecture and Writings of Preston Scott Cohen Lamster Laurence King
Corporate Showcase Photography, Illustration & Graphic Design (Volume 12) Shapiro American Showcase
Corporate Showcase Photography, Illustration & Graphic Design (Volume 13) Shapiro American Showcase
Decorate Your Doors Stockstill Sterling / Chapelle
Decoration Brightly Lit Spaces Cerver Arco Colour
Design Basics for Creative Results (2nd edition) Peterson Design Books
Design Contemporary Furniture and Lamps Cerver Arco Colour
Design Drawing Ching John Wiley & Sons
Design Home Product Design Cerver Arco Colour
Designing and Planning Dining Areas   Ward Lock
Designing The World's Best: Children's Hospitals Komiske Images Publishing
Designing with Light Hotels Entwistle RotoVision
Designs on the Landscape Preece CBS Publishing
Despues De Afterwards Rosell GG
Dhurrie: Flatwoven Rugs of India Ahuya Antique Collector's
Direct Mail Marketing Design Grattorati Rockpot Publishers
Downtown Berlin Mitte Burg Birkhauser
Drawing Masterclass   Quamtum Books
ED Ruscha Marshall Phaidon Press
Empowered Spaces: Architecture & Interior Design Library King PBC
Environmental Interiorscapes Snyder Whitney Library
Falling Glas Problems and Solutions in Contemporary Architecture Loughran Birkhauser
Famous Animal Symbols 1 Paul Ibou Sigma Union
Famous Animal Symbols 2 Paul Ibou Sigma Union
Fantastic Form: Architecture and Planning Today Risebero Herbert Press
Fondation Beyeler: A Home for Art Piano Birkhauser
Frank Lloyd Wright Design Castantino PRC Press
Frank Lloyd Wright Interior Style & Design Ehrlich Grange Books
Furniture by Achitects Emery Abrams
Glass in 18th Century England: The Footed Salver Kelsall Academic Press
Graphic Design for the 21st Century Fiell Taschen
Great Carpet of the World Mikaeloff Vendome Press
Great Kitchens: At Home with America's Top Chefs Whitaker Taunton
Handbook of Soils for Landscape Architects Keefer Oxford 
Heating, Cooling, Lighting Design Methods for Architects (2nd edition) Lechner John Wiley & Sons
Herzog & de Meuron: A Work for Roche Zaugg Birkhauser
History of the World Africa and the Origin of Humans   PSVP
Home Office Life: Making A Space to Work at Home Kanarek Rockpot Publishers
Home Office Planner Phillips Mitchell Beazley
Housing Development:Theory, Process and Practice Golland Routledge
Influential Interiors Trocme Mitchell Beazley
Interaction of Color Albers Yale University
Interior Design Kitchens & Bathrooms Cerver Arco Colour
Interior Spaces of the Europe Volume 1   Images Publishing
Interior Spaces of the USA Volume 4   Images Publishing
International Architecture Yearbook No. 4    
International Architecture Yearbook No. 7    
Introduction to Naval Architecture (4th edition) Tupper Elsevier
Islamic Architecture Hillenbrand Edinburg
Itten.The Elements of Color Birren John Wiley & Sons
Jewelry Making McGrath Chartwell Books
Jewelry Making Clement Grange Books
Keats IV Woodhouse's Scrapbook Stillinger Garland
Kitchen Planner   Mitchell Beazley
Kid's Rooms Levy Chronicle Books
King Art World (Blue Colour Book) Kaw King 2001-2002
King Art World (Yellow Colour Book) Kaw King 2001-2002
Kings Heroes & Lovers (Pictorial Rugs From The Tribes and Villages of Iran) Tanavoli Scorpion Publishing
Kitchen Art 97 Volmue 2    
Landscape Architect's Portable Handbook Dines  McGraw-Hill
Landscape Construction Sauter Thomson Learning
Landscape Design A Practical Approach (5th edition) Hannebaum Prentice Hall
Landscape Detailing Volume 1 Enclosures (3rd edition) Littlewood CBS Publishing
Landscape Estimating and Contract Administration Angley Delmar Publishing
Landscape Plants for Dry Regions Jones Fisher Books
Landscaping Principles & Practices (4th edition) Ingles Delmar Publishing
Lehman / Smith / Wiseman Iannacci Arcaedizioni
Leicht (Big Book) Kuche Leicht International
Leicht (Small Book) Kuche Leicht International
Liberated Voices Contemporary Art from South Africa Herreman Prestel
Lighthouses of North America Pickthall Chartwell Books
Linoleum Powell Gibbs & Smith
Live Events Promotional Graphics Cowen Rockpot Publishers
Location Photography (2nd edition) Galer Focal Press
Makoto Sei Watanabe Vitta Arcaedizioni
Marc Mimram / Passerelle Solferino Paris / Solferino Bridge Paris Fromonot Birkhauser
Masters of Art Michelangelo Di Cagno MacDonald
Masters of Art Rembrandt and Seventeenth-Century Holland Pescio MacDonald
Masters of Art Van Gogh Crispino MacDonald
Masters of Light Lichtenstein Todtri
Materials and Components of Interior Architecture (4th edition) Riggs Prentice Hall
Middle East Petroleum Geosciences GEO '94 Volume 1   Gulf PeroLink
Modern Best Designed Doors    Black Rose
Modern Best Designed Stained Glass Windows    Black Rose 
Modern Best of Gates & Grils    Black Rose 
More Space Extending Your Home Fay Sweet Conran Octopus
Multi-Family Housing The Art of Sharing Grosbie Images Publishing
Musterring Wohnbuch 1998   Musterring
Musterring Wohnbuch 1999   Musterring
My First World Atlas   Grandreams
Neoclassical Mi Kim Friedman & Fairfax
Neufert Architect's Data (3rd edition) Baiche Blackwell
New Architecture and Technology Sebestyen Architectural Press
Old World Civilizations (The Rise of Cities And States) (Volume 3) Burenhult Harper Collins
Oriented Carpet Identifier Bennett Grange Books
Ove Arup & Partners Sommer Birkhauser
Pages Paysages No. 8 Diachonicles Birkhauser
Pashmina Pathak Lustre Press
Picasso from the Ballets to Drama (1917-1926) Fabre Konemann
Pictorial Atlas of the World   Trident Press
Point of Purchase Design Annual    Retail Reporting 
Prairie Style Skolnik Frienman / Fairfax
Print's Best LetterHeads & Business Card 4 Silver RC Publications
Print's Best Logas & Symbols 4 Silver RC Publications
Print's Best Posters & Billboards Silver RC Publications
Print's Best T-Shirt Promotions 2 Silver RC Publications
Print's Best Typography 2 Silver RC Publications
Residential Construction Problem Solver Jahn McGraw-Hill
Residential Landscape Architecture (Design Process for the Private Residence) Booth  Prentice Hall
Residential Landscape Architecture (Design Process for the Private Residence)  Booth  Prentice Hall
Resource Architecture   BDA
Restaurant & Food Graphics Hayes PBC International
Retreats: Handmade Hideaways to Refresh the Spirit Drinkard Gibbs Smith
Riken Yamamoto   Birkhauser
Roesling Nakamura Architects Roesling Arcaedizioni
Sacred Signs - Heiroglyphs in Ancient Egypt  Wilson Oxford
Satelite Atlas of the World   Colour Library 
Scene Design & Stage Lighting (8th edition) Parker Thomson Learning
School of Visual Arts Gold: 50 Years of Creative Graphics Design   PBC International
Search: The Graphics Web Guide Coupland Laurence King
Shops & Boutiques 2000 Designer Stores and Brand Imagery Stuchin PBC International
Silk Brocades Agrawal Lustre Press
Silver Studio of Design (A Design and Source Book of Home Decoration) Turner Magna Books
Small Patios White Chronicle Books
Social Spaces Volume 2 (A Pictorial Review)   Images Publishing
Software Architecture Perpectives on An Emerging Discipline Shaw  Prentice Hall
Sotheby's Concise Encyclopedia of Furniture Payne Chancellor Press
Sotheby's Concise Encyclopedia of Porcelin Battie Chancellor Press
Space Planning Basics (2nd edition) Karlen John Wiley & Sons
Splendours of the Lost Civilizations (Journey in the World of Archaeology) Livisetti  Grange Books
Sporting Spaces Volume 1 (A Pictorial Review of Sporting Facilities)   Images Publishing
Teach Yourself Drawing Capon Teach Yourself
Teach Yourself Flower Arranging Blacklock Teach Yourself
Teach Yourself Gardening Hunter Teach Yourself
Teach Yourself Watercolour Painting Capon Teach Yourself
The Architects Office Zabalbeascoa Whitney
The Art of Architectural Illustration 003 Grice Rockport Publisher
The Art of Bedouin Jewellery Ross Arabesque
The Art of Color Itten John Wiley & Sons
The Art of Illumination Residential Lighting Design Johnson McGraw-Hill
The Atlas of the World's Worst Natural Dissasters Newson Dorling Kindersley
The Bead Jewellery Book Tomalin David & Charles
The Best in Contemporary Jewellery Watkins Rotovision
The Best in Diagrammatic Graphics Holmes Rotovision
The Best in Leisure and Public Architecture Phillips Rotovision
The Best in Retail Corporate Identity Cliff Rotovision
The Best in Science, Office and Business Park Design Phillips Rotovision
The Big Book of Corporate Identity Design Carter HBI
The City Assembled Kostof Thames & Hudson
The Essential Bathroom Design Guide National Kitchen John Wiley & Sons
The Essential Kitchen Design Guide National Kitchen John Wiley & Sons
The Furnished Landscape Nuttgens Bellew Publishing
The Grammar of Ornament Jones Dover Publications
The Great Ages of World Architecture Hiraskar Dhanpat Rai
The Interior Designer's Handbook    IDH Halpern House
The International Design Yearbook 6 Mario  Abbe Ville Press
The Life and Works of Frank Lloyd Wright Glass Castantino Grange Books
The New Cottage Home Tolpin Taunton
The New International House Cerver Whitney Library
The New Kitchen Planner Ardley Mitchell Beazley
The New Office Duffy  
The New World   Cherrytree Books
The Old House Book Sommer Prospero Books
The Quilting Patchwork and Applique Project Book Hall JG Press
The Record Interiors Collection (1988)   Sigma Union
The Soft Furnishings Book Conran Chancellor Press
The Ultimate Planting Guide Kingsbury Ward Lock
Theatrical Design And Production (2nd edition) Gillette Mayfield Publishing
Thematic Architecture New Bridges Cerver Arco Colour
Theory & Experimentation (Architectural Ideas for Today and Tommorrow) Papadakis VCH Publishers
Theorizing A New Agenda for Architecture Nesbitt Architectural Press
Time-Saver Standards for Architectural Design (8e) Watson McGraw-Hill
Time-Saver Standards for Building Types (4e) DeChiara McGraw-Hill
Time-Saver Standards for Interior Design and Space Planning (2e) DeChiara McGraw-Hill
Town Houses Binney Mitchell Beazley
Transformation-Livio Vacchini Blaser Birkhauser
Twentietch-Century Architecture Doordan Prentice Hall 
Understanding Construction Drawings Residential Huth Delmar Publishing
Urban Architecture City Planning Cerver Arco Colour
Used Browser 3.0: The Internet Design Project   Laurence King
Van Gogh (A Retrospective) Stein Beaux Arts Edition
Venetian Villas Muraro  Konemann
Vertigo: The Strange New World of the Contemporary City Moore Laurence King
Women and the Making of the Modern House Friedman Abrams
World Civilizations Includes Western Civilizations (7th edition) (Volume  B) Burns Goyl SaaB
World Civilizations Includes Western Civilizations (7th edition) (Volume  C) Burns Goyl SaaB
World House Now Contemporary Architectural Directions Ngo Thames & Hudson
X Y Z: The Architecture of Dagmar Richter   Laurence King
Young British Architects Melvin Birkhauser
Young French Architects Goddefroy Birkhauser
Young German Architects Schnell Birkhauser
Young German Architects (1) Weiss Birkhauser
Young Italian Architects Campi Birkhauser
Young Spanish Architects Cohn Birkhauser
Young Swiss Architects Carmenttumbel Birkhauser


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