Biology, Zoology & Environment

Title Author Publisher
A Manual of Laboratory Experiences in Cell Biology Gasque UBS Publishers
A Textbook of Biology (Part I) Aggarwal Vikas Publishing
A Textbook of Biology (Part II) Aggarwal Vikas Publishing
A Textbook of Hydrology & Water Resources Sharma Dhanpat Rai
A Textbook of Vertebrate Zoology (13th edition) Prasad Wiley Eastern
Advanced Biology Principles & Applications (2nd edition) Clegg John Murry
Advanced Molecular Biology Twyman Viva Books 
Agriscience Fundamentals & Applications Cooper Delmar Publishers
Agro Based and Processed Food Technology Hand Book Gupta SiRi
An Introduction to Animal Behavior (3rd edition) Manning Edward Arnold
An Introduction to Medical Genetics (8th edition) Roberts ELBS Oxford
An Introduction to Metamorphic Petrology Yardley ELBS Longman
An Introduction to Plant Anatomy (2nd edition) Eames Tata McGraw-Hill
An Introduction to the Biology of Marine Life (6th edition) Sumich Wm.C.Brown
An Introduction to Viruses (4th revised edition) Biswas Vikas Publishing
Animal Behavior An Evolutionary Approach (6th edition) Alcock Sinauer 
Animal Behavior Mechanism, Development, Function and Evolution Barnard Prentice Hall
Animal Diversity (2nd edition) Hickman McGraw-Hill
Animal Nutirtion (5th edition) McDonald Addison Wesley
Animal Physiology: Principles & Adaptations (3rd edition) Gordon Macmillan
Animal Physology Eckert Surjeet Publications
Apples Production Technology and Economics Kanwar Tata McGraw-Hill
Applied Entomology Fenemore Wiley Eastern
Barron's AP Biology (Advanced Placement Test in Biology) (5th edition) Edward Barron's Educational
Basic Animal Nutrition and Feeding (4th edition) Pond John Wiley & Sons
Basic Food Microbiology Banwart CBS Publishers
Basic Geological Mapping (3rd edition) Barnes John Wiley & Sons
Basic Nutrition and Diet Therapy (11th edition) Williams Mosby
Basic Petroleum Geology  Link OGCI
Beginning Science Biology Beckett Oxford
Biochemical Aspects of Nutrition Okoye Prentice Hall
Biological Foundations of Human Behavior Wilson Thomson Learning
Biological Science (3th edition) Taylor Cambridge
Biologically Informed Psychotherapy for Depression Shuchter Guilford
Biology Sutton Macmillan
Biology (3rd edition) Krogh Prentice Hall
Biology (4th edition) Solomon Saunders
Biology (6th edition) Campbell Benjamin / Cummings
Biology (7th edition) Campbell Benjamin / Cummings
Biology Concepts & Applications (4th edition) Starr Thomson Learning
Biology GCE O Level Examinations Past Papers with Answer Guides   Foundation Books
Biology of Plants  Raven Worth Publishing
Biology of the Invertebrates (3rd edition) Pechenik Wm.C.Brown
Biology Today (3rd edition) Kirk Random House
Brock Biology of Microorganisms (9th edition) Madigan Prentice Hall
Cell and Molecular Biology (8th edition) Robertis BI Waverly
Cell Biology (Updated edition) Pollard Saunders
Cell Structure and Function (2nd edition) Loewy Holt, Rinehart
Cliffs AP Biology Pack Dreamtech
Co-ordinated Science Biology Beckett Oxford
Community Nutrition In Action An Enterpreneurial Approach (3rd edition) Boyle Thomson Learning
Comparative Animal Physiology (3rd edition) Prosser Saunders
Conservation of Natural Resources (2nd edition) Castillon Brown & Benchmark
Contemporary Nutrition Issues & Insighte (4th edition) Wardlaw McGraw-Hill
Coordinate Science Biology (2nd edition) Jones Cambridge
CRC Desk Reference on Nutrition Berdanier Taylor & Francis
CRC Handbook of Pesticides Milne CRC Press
Crop Production:Principles and Practices (4th edition) Metcalfe Macmillan
Cryptogamic Botany Bryophytes And Pteridophytes Volume II (2nd edition) Smith Tata McGraw-Hill
Culture of Animal Cells (3e) Freshney John Wiley & Sons
Dana's Textbook of Mineralogy (4th edition) Ford Wiley Eastern
Development Biology (7th edition) Gilbert Sinauer
Developmental Behavior Genetics Hahn Oxford
Developmental Biology (5th edition) Gilbert Sinauer
Developmental Psychobiology Shair Oxford
Dictionary of Biology Richharia Radha Publications
Diversity Amid Globalization Rowntree Prentice Hall
Diversity of Life Ross Wm.C.Brown
Down to Earth (Applying Business Principles to Environmental Management) Reinhardt HBS Press
Electron Microscopy Principles and Techniques for Biologists Bozzola Jones & Bartlett
Elements of Marine Ecology (3rd edition) Tait Butterworth
Elements of Zoology (4th edition) Storer McGraw-Hill
Emery's Elements of Medical Genetics (9th edition) Mueller Churchill Livingstone
Encyclopaedia of Environment Microbiology: Volume 1, 2 & 3 Hotter Ivy Publishing House
Entomology in Human and Animal Health (7th edition) Harwood Macmillan
Environmental Biology Mukherjee Tata McGraw-Hill
Environmental Geology (6th edition) Montgomery McGraw-Hill
Environmental Issues and Policies Stephen Ison Prentice Hall
Environmental Pollution and Human Health Bhargava CBS Publishers
Environmental Science A Global Concern (8th edition) Cunningham McGraw-Hill
Environmental Science A Study of Enterrelationships Enger McGraw-Hill
Environmental Science Earth As A Living Planet (4th edition) Botkin John Wiley & Sons
Environmental Science Sustaining the Earth (3rd Edition) Tyler Miller Thomson Learning
Environmental Science The Natural Environment and Human Impact Jackson Longman
Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control (2nd edition) Beasley Surjeet Publications
Essential Medical Genetics (4th edition) Connor Blackwell
Essential Molecular Biology (Volume 2) Brown IRL Press
Essentials of Animal Behavior Slater Cambridge
Evaluation and Management of Gait Disorders Spivack Marcel Dekker
Exploiting New Technologies in Animal Breeding (Genetic Developments) King Oxford
Exploring Earth An Introduction to Physical Geology Davidson Prentice Hall
Exploring the Deep Welham Patrick Stephens
Fertilizers and Soil Amendments Follett Prentice Hall
Flora of Libya El-Gadi Al Faateh University
Food Hygiene and Sanitation Roday Tata McGraw-Hill
Food Packaging Materials Mahadeviah Tata McGraw-Hill
Food Safety: A Guide to What You Really Need to Know Heminger Blackwell
Food Science Mudambi Wiley Eastern
Fundamental Food Microbiology (3rd edition) Ray CRC Press
Fundamentals of Botany (2nd revised edition) Bilgrami Vikas Publishing
Fundamentals of Molecular Spectroscopy (4th edition) Banwell Tata McGraw-Hill
Fundamentals of Oceanography (2nd edition) Duxbury Wm.C.Brown
GCSE Biology (2nd edition) Mackcan John Murray
GCSE Biology  Martin Barker Longman
GCSE Questions and Answers Biology Letts Letts Educational
Gene Action: A Historical Account Werner Maas Oxford 
Gene Rearrangement Hames IRL Press
General and Applied Entomology Nayar Tata McGraw-Hill
General Climatology (4th edition) Critchfield Prentice Hall
General Microbiology (7th edition) Schlegel Cambridge
General Zoology (6th edition) Storer McGraw-Hill
Genes and the Biology of Cancer Varmus Scientific American
Genes VIII Lewin Prentice Hall
Genetic and Environmental Factors in Clinical Allergy Marsh Minnesota
Genetics Ahluwalia Wiley Eastern
Genetics Sarin Tata McGraw-Hill
Genetics (5th edition) Winchester Houghton Mifflin
Genetics of Fitness and Physical Performance Bouchard Human Kinetics
Genetics of Livestock Improvement (4th edition) Lasley Prentice Hall
Genetics The Thread of Life Kourilsky Wiley Eastern
Geological Maps Maltman John Wiley & Sons
Geology of Petroleum (2nd edition) Levorsen CBS Publishers
Ground Water (2nd edition) Raghunath Wiley Eastern
Ground Water Assessment Development And Management Karanth Tata McGraw-Hill
Groundwater Hydrology (2nd edition) Todd Wiley Eastern
Hand Book on Food Industries Bhatia SiRi
Hand Book on Herbs Cultivation and Processing Niir Board Asia Pacific Business Press
Hand Book on Soaps, Detergents & Acid Slurry Niir Board Asia Pacific Business Press
Handbook of Analysis and Quality Control For Fruit and Vegetable Products (2e) Ranganna Tata McGraw-Hill
Hill's Economic Botany Sharma Tata McGraw-Hill
Holmes' Principles of Physical Geology (4th edition) Duff Chapman & Hall
Human Biology Chiras West Publishing
Human Biology (5th edition) Starr Thomson Learning
Human Genetics Gangani Churchill Livingstone
Human Nutrition (11th edition) Geissler Churchill Livingstone
Human Population and The Environmental Crisis Zuckerman Jones & Bartlett
Hydraulics and Hydrology for Stormwater Management Gribbin Delmar Publishers
Hygiene for Management Sprenger Highfield
IGCSE Biology Mackcan Hodder Murray
IGCSE Study Guide for Biology Hayward Hodder Murray
Illustrated Human and Social Biology Beckett Oxford
IMMS' Outlines of Entomology (6th edition) Richards Science Paperbacks
Inductrial Water Pollution Control (3rd edition) Eckenfelder McGraw-Hill
Inner Hygiene: Constipation & The Pursuit of Health in Modern Society Whorton Oxford
Instant Notes Development Biology Twyman Viva Books
Instant Notes Genetics (2nd edition) Winter BIOS Scientific
Instant Notes in Animal Biology Jurd Viva Books
Instant Notes in Molecular Biology Turner Viva Books
Integrated Principles of Zoology (7th edition) Hickman Mosby
Introduction to Animal Physiology Ian Kay BIOS Scientific
Introduction to Bee Keeping Rere Vikas Publishing
Introduction to Botany Nabors Benjamin / Cummings
Introduction to Classical and Modern Optics (2nd edition) Meyer-Arendt Prentice Hall
Introduction to Cosmology Narlikar Cambridge
Introduction to Modern Virology (5th edition) Dimmock Blackwell Publishing
Introduction to Quantitative Genetics (3rd edition) Falconer ELBS Longman
Introduction to The Algae (2nd edition) Bold  Prentice Hall
Irrigation Principles and Practices (4th edition) Hansen John Wiley & Sons
Irrigation Theory and Practice   Vikas Publishing
Krause's Food, Nutrition & Diet Therapy (11e) Mahan Saunders
Laboratory Investigations in Cell and Molecular Biology (4th edition) Bregman John Wiley & Sons
Laboratory Manual for Physical Geology (8th edition) Zumberge Wm.C.Brown 
Laboratory Manual of Ecology (7th edition) Cox Wm.C.Brown
Lasers in Chemical and Biological Sciences Chopra Wiley Eastern
Learning Microbiology Through Practice Potfolio of Latest Questions Aggarwal Dominant Publishers
Livestock Health and Housing Sainsbury Balliere Tindall
Living Things Teter Holt, Rinehart
Manual of Clinical Microbiology (5th edition) Ballows ASM
Manual of Field Geology Compton John Wiley & Sons
Manual of Mineralogy (20th edition) Klein  Wiley Eastern
Marine Fire Prevention, Firefighting and Fire Safety   Maritime Training
Mastering Biology (2nd edition) Kilgour Macmillan
Mastering Human Biology Roberts Macmillan
Medical Bacteriology: A Practical Approach Hawkey IRL Press
Medical Genetics An Illustrated Outline Read Lippincott
Medicinal Plants Cultivation and Their Uses Panda Asia Pacific Business Press
Meteorology for Scientists and Engineers (2nd edition) Stull Brooks / Cole
Microbial Cell Surface Hydrophobicity Doyle  ASM
Microbial Physiology Moat John Wiley & Sons
Mine Environment and Ventilation Misra Oxford
Modern Food Preservation McWilliams Surjeet Publications
Modern Technology of Oils, Fats & Its Derivatives Niir Board Asia Pacific Business Press
Modern Technology of Waste Management Pollution Control, Recycling, Treatment Niir Board Asia Pacific Business Press
Molecular Biology Labfax Brown Blackwell Publishing
Molecular Biology of the Cell (4th edition) Alberts Garland Science
Molecular Biology of the Gene (5th edition) Watson Benjamin / Cummings
Monitoring The Environment Cartledge Oxford
Mycobacteria and Human Disease (2nd edition) Grange Arnold
New Perspectives in Sponge Biology Rutzler Smithsonian
Nutrition and Diet Therapy (6th edition) Townsend Delmar Publishers
Nutrition and Diet Therapy (6th edition) Cataldo Thomson Learning
Nutrition and Diet Therapy (2nd edition) Lutz F.A. Davis
Nutrition and Diet Therapy (3rd edition) Lutz F.A. Davis
Nutrition for Foodservice & Culinary Professionals (4th edition) Drummond John Wiley & Sons
Nutrition Management for Foodservices Cummings  Delmar Publishers
Nutrition Now (3rd edition) Brown Thomson Learning
Nutrition Secrets Van Way  Jaypee Brothers
Nutrition, Exercise and Behavior An Integrated Approach to Weight Management Summerfielrd Thomson Learning
Ocean Science Sc.American Freeman
Oceanography An Introduction to the Marine Environment Weyl John Wiley & Sons
Oceanography An Introduction to the Planet Oceans Pinet West Publishing
Oceanography An Invitation to Marine Science (4th edition) Garrison Brooks / Cole
Personal Nutrition (5th edition) Boyle Thomson Learning
Phycology Edward Lee Cambridge
Physical Geology (9th edition) Plummer McGraw-Hill
Pictorial Maps Holmes The Herbert Press
Plant Anatomy (2nd edition) Fahn Pergamon Press
Plant Biotechnology The Genetic Manipulation of Plants Slater Oxford
Plant Classification (2nd edition) Benson Heath and Company
Plant Pathology Concepts & Laboratory Exercises Trigiano CRC Press
Plant Physiology (4th edition) Devlin Willard Grant Press
Pollution and Biomonitoring Rana Tata McGraw-Hill
Practical Veterinary Ultrasound Cartee Williams & Wilkins
Practical Zoology Invertebrate Bhamrah Dominant Publishers
Prentice Hall Biology  Miller Prentice Hall
Principles of Horticulture (2nd edition) Denisen Macmillan
Principles of Seed Science and Technology Copeland Surjeet Publications
Processing Tropical Crops:A Technological Approach Asiedu ELBS Macmillan
Progress and Prospects Evolutionary Biology Powell Oxford
Protein Additives in Foodservice Preparations Rakosky Van Nostrand
Psycho-Nutrition Fredericks Berkley Books
Recent Advances in Agricultural Statistics Research Narain Wiley Eastern
S. Chand's Biology for Class XI Verma S.Chand & Company
Science & Technology Biology (Class-9) Viswanathan Longman
Science & Technology Biology (Class-10) Viswanathan Longman
Scienctific Farm Animal Production Bogart Surjeet Publications
Sea and Shore Hylander Macmillan
Seafood and Health Nettleton Van Nostrand
Serpentine and its Vegetation Brooks Dioscorides Press
Short Textbook of Medical Microbiology (6th edition) Gupta Jaypee Brothers
Soils An Introduction to Soils and Plant Growth (6th edition) Miller Prentice Hall
Soils in Our Environment (7th edition) Miller Prentice Hall
Sports and Fitness Nutrition Wildman  Thomson Learning
Statistics and Data Analysis in Geology (2nd edition) Davis Wiley Eastern
Structural Geology (3rd edition) Billings Prentice Hall
Student Study Art Notebook Biology (5th edition) Mader Wm.C. Brown
Student Study Guide to Accompany Human Biology Farish Jones & Bartlett
Studies in The Structure Physiology and Ecology of Molluscs Vera Fretter Academic Press
Sustainability of Water Resources in Arid Regions Abdel-Hafis SDR
Terrestrial Plant Ecology Barbour Benjamin / Cummings
Test Yourself Introduction to Biology Mooney NTC Learning Works
Text Book of Algae Sharma Tata McGraw-Hill
Textbook of Microbiology (5th edition) Ananthanarayan Orient Longman
The Biology of Epithelial Cell Populations (Volume I) Wright Oxford
The Biology of Epithelial Cell Populations (Volume II) Wright  Oxford
The Biology of the Mollusca (2nd edition) Purchon Pergamon Press
The Botanical World (2nd edition) Northington Wm.C.Brown
The Complete Technology Book on Natural Products  Panda Asia Pacific 
The Complete Technology Book on Processing, Dehydration, Canning, Preservation  Niir Board NiiR
The Ecology of The Seas Crushing  Blackwell Publishing
The Encyclopedia of Ecology & Environmental Management Calow Blackwell Publishing
The Evolutionary Ecology of Animals Shvarts Consultants
The Geology of Libya I Salem  Academic Press
The Geology of Libya II Salem  Academic Press
The Geology of Libya III Salem  Academic Press
The Human Genome A User's Guide (2nd edition) Richards  Academic Press
The Invertebrata (4th edition) Borradaile Cambridge
The Living World (2nd edition) Johnson McGraw-Hill
The Origin of Spicies Darwin Goyl SaaB
The Practical Study of Crystals Minerals & Rocks Cox McGraw-Hill
The Unity of Evolutionary Biology (Volume I) Dudley Dioscorides Press
The Unity of Evolutionary Biology (Volume II) Dudley Dioscorides Press
The Vertebrate Body (5th edition) Romer Saunders
The World of Petroleum Deshpande Wiley Eastern
Understanding Food Principles and Preparation (2nd edition) Brown Thomson Learning
Understanding Food Science and Technology Murano Thomson Learning
Understanding Nutrition (9th edition) Whitney Thomson Learning
Vegetable Crops (5th edition) Thompson McGraw-Hill
Vertebrate Dissection (7th edition) Walker Saunders
Veterinary Anaesthesia (9th edition) Hall  Bailliere Tindall
Veterinary Practice Management Simmons Mosby
Vitamin E in Health and Disease Packer Marcel Dekker
Vitamins For Your Health Mervyn Gaurav Publishing
Wastewater Treatment for Pollution Control (2nd edition) Arceivala Tata McGraw-Hill
Water & Fertilizer Use for Food Production in Arid and Semi-Arid Zones Welte C.I.E.C.
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