Title Author Publisher
101 Ways to Get More Business Foster UBSPD
50 Companies That Changed The World Rothman A Jaico Book
A Guide to Effective Communication & Business Skills Robinson Biztantra
A Health Check for Your Business Gittus Kogan Page
Actual Experiences of A CEO McHale Tata McGraw-Hill
Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion (3rd edition) O'Guinn Thomson Learning
Agency and Change Caldwell Routledge
Anderson's Business Law Twomey Thomson Learning
Anderson's Business Law & The Legal Environment (19th edition) Twomey Thomson Learning
Applying for A Job in English Spooner Penguin Books
Asian Dawn Recovery, Reform & Investing in The New Asia Henderson McGraw-Hill
Asia's Best (The Myth And Reality of Most Successful Companies) Hamlin Prentice Hall
Assessing Business Excellence Porter Academic Press
Bank Clerical Examination Solved Papers  Garg Tata McGraw-Hill
Banking Theory and Practice (19th edition) Shekhar Vikas Publishing 
Basic Business Communication (10th edition) Lesikar McGraw-Hill
Basic Business Communication (9th edition) Lesikar McGraw-Hill
Basic Business Statistics Concepts and Applications (6th edition) Berenson  Prentice Hall
Basic Business Statistics Concepts and Applications (9th edition) Berenson  Prentice Hall
Business & Professional Ethics for Directors, Executives & Accountants (3e) Brooks Thomson Learning
Business & Society Weiss Thomson Learning
Business 2010 Five Forces That will Reshape Business  Harmon A Jaico Book
Business and Administrative Communication (5th edition) Locker Irwin McGraw-Hill
Business and Society (6th edition) Carroll Thomson Learning
Business and Society: Corporate Strategy, Public Policy, Ethics (10th edition) Post McGraw-Hill
Business Communication Means Thomson Learning
Business Communication Asha Kaul Prentice Hall
Business Communication (6th edition) Krizan Thomson Learning
Business Communication A Cultural and Strategic Approach Rouse Thomson Learning
Business Communication a Framework for Success O'Hair  Thomson Learning
Business Communication for Managers (5th edition) Penrose Thomson Learning
Business Communication Today (6th edition) Bovee Prentice Hall
Business Dispute Resolution: Best Practices, System Design & Case Management Cavenagh Thomson Learning
Business Emotions Breaking Through Barriers to Success Contino Wordware Publishing
Business Essentials (5th edition) Ebert  Prentice Hall
Business Ethics Murthy Himalaya  Publishing
Business Ethics (4th edition) Weiss Thomson Learning
Business Ethics (5th edition) Shaw Thomson Learning
Business in Context (4th edition) Needle Thomson Learning
Business Innovation & Disruptive Technology Evans Prentice Hall
Business Its Legal, Ethical and Global Environment (7th edition) Jennings Thomson Learning
Business Law (6th edition) Keenan Longman
Business Law in the Global Market Place Nayler Academic Press
Business Law Today (7th edition) Miller West Publishing
Business Letters for Busy People (3rd edition) Dugger A Jaico Book
Business Mathematics & Statistics (6th edition) Francis Thomson Learning
Business Policy Kazmi Tat McGraw-Hill
Business Practice for Therapists Jenkins Hodder Arnold
Business Process & Information Technology Gelinas Thomson Learning
Business Process Reengineering Jayaraman  Tata McGraw-Hill
Business Research Methods (6th edition) Cooper  Tata McGraw-Hill
Business Research Methods (7th edition) Zikmund Thomson Learning
Business Research Methods (7th edition) Cooper  McGraw-Hill
Business Research Methods A Managerial Approach Ticehurst Longman
Business Research Projects (4th edition) Jankowicz Thomson Learning
Business Statistics A Decision-Making Approach (6th edition) Groebner Prentice Hall
Business Statistics A Self-Teaching Guide (3rd edition) Koosis John Wiley & Sons
Business Statistics Contemporary Decision Making (3rd edition) Black Thomson Learning
Business Statistics in Practice (2nd edition) Bowerman Irwin McGraw-Hill
Business Studies (2nd edition) Marcouse Hodder Arnold
Business Telecom Systems  Peterson CMP Books
Business Telecommunications Greenwood Wm. C. Brown 
Business Today The New World of Business Robbins Harcourt
Business, Government and Society A Managerial Perspective Text and Cases Steiner  Irwin McGraw-Hill
Businessman's Handbook Lloyd Cole Lloyd Cole
Changing The Mindset Reflections of A Chief Executive Aga Tata McGraw-Hill
Competing for Advantage Hoskisson Thomson Learning
Competitive Strategies for Product Standards Gabel McGraw-Hill
Concepts in Federal Taxation Murphy Thomson Learning
Contemporary Advertising (8th edition) Arens McGraw-Hill
Contemporary Business (11th edition) Boone Thomson Learning
Contemporary Business Communication (3e) Scot Ober All India Publishers
Contemporary Business Communication(5e) Scot Ober Biztantra
Contemporary Business Mathematics Deitz Thomson Learning
Contract Law Turner Hodder & Stoughton
Core Concepts of Government Granof John Wiley & Sons
Corporate Governance at the Crossroads Chew McGraw-Hill
Cover Letters! Cover Letters! Cover Letters! (2nd edition) Richard Fein A Jaico Book
Creating Markets Across The Globe Strategies for Business Excellence Korwar Tat McGraw-Hill
Criminal Law (2e) Diana Roe Hodder & Stoughton
Developing Global Executives (The Lessons of International Experience) McCall HBS Press
Doing Business with The Japanese Philips Kogan Page
Doing Business with Your Amstrad Gifford Virgin Books
Doing Statistics for Business with Excel (2nd edition) Pelosi John Wiley & Sons
E-Business and Commerce Strategic Thinking and Practice Canzer Biztantra
E-Business Intelligence Liautaud McGraw-Hill
E-Government The Science of the Possible Satyanarayan Prentice Hall
Environmental Decision Making for Engineering and Business Managers Seldner  McGraw-Hill
E-Resumes Whitcomb McGraw-Hill
Essentials of Business Law & The Legal Environment (8e) Mann Thomson Learning
Essentials of Business Law (5th edition) Bonnice  McGraw-Hill
Essentials of Investments (4e) Bodie McGraw-Hill
Ethics and The Conduct of Business (3rd edition) Boatright Prentice Hall
Family Business Poza Thomson Learning
Forecasting Your Company's Sales & Profits Marino Vision Books
Funadamentals of Business Statistics Anderson Thomson
Functioning in Business Knowles Longman
Fundamentals of Business Law (6e) Miller Thomson
Fundamentals of Insurance Crews Thomson
Getting More At Less Cost The Value Engineering Way Jagannathan Tat McGraw-Hill
Getting Value from Professional Advisers Standish Kogan Page
Global and Transnational Business (2nd edition) Stonehouse John Wiley & Sons
Global Business Environments Understanding Multicultural Behavior Parhizgar A Jaico Book
Global Business Law (3rd edition) Hill McGraw-Hill
Global Business Negotiations A Practical Guide Cellich Thomson Learning
Global Business Today (3rd edition)  Hill McGraw-Hill
Good Business Steve Texere
Handbook of Good Business Practice Howitt Thomson Business 
How The World's Leading Companies Run Their Business Foster UBSPD
How to Invest in E-Commerce Stocks Bill Burnham McGraw-Hill
How to Write A .com Business Plan Eglash McGraw-Hill
If Not Stocks, What? Walden McGraw-Hill
IGCSE Business Studies (2e) Borrington Hodder Murray
IGCSE Study Guide for Business Studies Borrington Hodder Murray
Implemeneting ISO 9001:2000 Mathur Vikas Publishing
Implementing BPR An Agenda For The CEO Jayaraman  Tata McGraw-Hill
Individual Taxes 2004-2005 PwCoopers John Wiley & Sons
International Business Cherunilam Wheeler
International Business McDonald Thomson Learning
International Business (4e) Griffin  Prentice Hall
International Business (7e) Czinkota Thomson Learning
International Business Competing In The Global Marketplace (Hard Cover) (4e) Hill Irwin McGraw-Hill
International Business Competing In The Global Marketplace (Soft Cover) (4e) Hill McGraw-Hill
International Business Law A Transactional Approach (2e) Dimatteo Thomson Learning
International Business Law and Its Environment (6e) Schaffer Thomson Learning
International Business The Challenge of Global Competition (8e) Ball McGraw-Hill
Internet Business Models and Strategies (Text & Cases) Afuah  McGraw-Hill
Introduction to Business Statistics (5e) Weiers Thomson Learning
Introduction to Law (4e) Dunham Thomson Learning
Investment Analysis & Portfolio Selection (2e) Phillips  Thomson Learning
Investment Theories and Analysis Baddeley Palgrave Macmillan
Investments (6th edition) Bodie McGraw-Hill
Investments An Introduction (6e) Mayo Drayden
Investments Analysis and Management (6e) Jones John Wiley & Sons
ISO 9001:2000 for Small Business Tricker Academic Press
ISO 9001:2000 in Brief Tricker Academic Press
Japan Inc. Global Strategies of Japanese Trading Corporations Max Eli McGraw-Hill
Japanese-Led Companies (Understanding How to Make Them Your Customers) Holden  McGraw-Hill
Joined-Up Systems (Building The Integrated Business) Elliott  Hodder & Stoughton
Kumar's Modern Commercial Correspondence Kumar Kumar's Publications
Kumar's Super Guide State Bank Probationary Officers' Examination Kumar Kumar's Publications
Looking at Criminal Law Turner Hodder & Stoughton
Making Better Business Decissions Williams Response Books
Manual of Commercial Correspondence Hume  Wheeler
Market Leader Business English Business Law Tricia Smith Longman
Model Business Letters Ijas CSA Publications
Money Mistakes You Can't Afford to Make Lim McGraw-Hill
Monitoring International Human Rights Rahul Rai Author Press
Moral Issues in Business (9th edition) Shaw  Thomson Learning
Multiply Your Money (The Easy Guide to Savings and Investments) Louth McGraw-Hill
Must-Win Battles Killing Prentice Hall
New Developments in Commercial Banking Donald Chew Blackwell
OCR Certificate in Business Administration Canwell Nelson Thornes
Organizations and the Business Environment (2e) Campbell Academic Press
Personal Letters for Business People (3rd edition) Bosticco A Jaico Book
Pitman Horizontal Method Business Typewriting Heelis Dar Al-Kalam
Practical Banking Advances (10th edition) Bedi  UBSPD
Principles of Taxation Advanced Strategies Jones McGraw-Hill
Principles of Taxation for Business and Investment Planning Jones McGraw-Hill
Projects Planning, Analysis, Selection, Implementing and Review (4th edition) Chandra Tat McGraw-Hill
Protecting Your Company's Intellectual Property Bouchoux Amacon
Quantitative Methods for Business The A-Z of QM Buglear Academic Press
Quantitative Methods for Business (3rd edition) Waters Prentice Hall
Quantitative Methods for Business and Economics Burton Longman
Readymade Interview Questions Malcolm Peel UBS
Rescue Your Financial Life Lanford McGraw-Hill
Research Methods for Business Students Saunders Pitman Publishing
Revise Business Studies GCSE David Floyd Letts Educational
Selling Building Partnerships (4th edition) Weitz McGraw-Hill
Seven Methods for Transforming Corporate Data Into Business Intelligence Dhar  Prentice Hall
Small Business An Entrepreneur's Business Plan (7e) Ryan Thomson Learning
Smart Strategies on Target Achieving Best Business Performance David Irwin Business Press
Spreadsheets for Business Students An Active-Learning Approach West DP Publications
Strategic Communication in Business and The Professions (2nd edition) O'Hair  Houghton / Mifflin
Student Solutions Manual to Accompany Doing Statistics for Business with Excel Pelosi John Wiley & Sons
Success @ e-Business Morath McGraw-Hill
Successful Business Correspondence   Sahni Publications
Surviving The New Millennium Lessons from The Asian Crisis Ang McGraw-Hill
Technical Analysis In The International Currency Markets Hexton Kogan Page
Textbook of Administrative Law (5e) Peter Oxford University
Textbook of International Law (5e) Dixon Oxford University
The Advertising Handbook (2nd edition) Brierley Routledge
The Airline Business in the 21st Century Doganis Routledge
The AMA Handbook of Business Letters (3e) Seglin Amacon
The Business Communication Casebook A Notre Dame Collection O'Rourke Thomson Learning
The Business Meetings Sourcebook Eli Mina Amacon
The Business Side of Writing Stultz Wordware Pub.
The Complete Handbook of Model Business Letters Griffin  Prentice Hall
The Computers in Business Blueprint Barnatt Blackwell
The Craft of Business Letter Writing Monippally Tata McGraw-Hill
The Definitive Business Plan (2nd edition) Stutely Prentice Hall
The E-Business Revolution & The New Economy Adams Thomson Learning
The Electronic Future of Banking Egner McGraw-Hill
The Essence of Small Business Barrow Prentice Hall
The Investments Reader (2nd edition) Kolb Blackwell
The New York Times Guide to Business Communication Guffey  Thomson Learning
The Pay and Performance Tyson Academic Press
The Plain English Approach to Business Writing (Revised edition) Bailey Oxford University
The Producer's Business Handbook (2nd edition) Lee Focal Press
The Regulation of International Trade (2nd edition) Trebilcock Routledge
The Second Inductrial Revolution Donovan Prentice Hall
The Seven Business Crises Patel Tata McGraw-Hill
The Ultimate Guide to Getting the Career You Want Dowd  McGraw-Hill
The Unified Process Transaction & Production Phases Ambler  CMP Books
Tort Law Turner Hodder & Stoughton
Total Access (Giving Customers What They Want in An Anytime, Anywhere World) McKenna HBS Press
Traditions & Encounters Volume 1: From The Beginnings to 1500 Bentley  McGraw-Hill
Traditions & Encounters Volume 2: From 1500 to The Present Bentley  McGraw-Hill
Trends in International Business (Critical Perspectives) Czinkota Blackwell
Trouble is their Business Conquest Garland
Understanding and Managing Investment Risk & Return Scott McGraw-Hill
Understanding Business (6th edition) (Hard Cover) Nickels McGraw-Hill
Understanding Business (7th edition) (Soft Cover) Nickels McGraw-Hill
Value Investing Made Easy Janet Lowe Tata McGraw-Hill
Writing for Business Success  Rob Siedle Prentice Hall
Your Hand in Business Luxon Chancellor Press
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