Education Books

Title Author Publisher Year
10 Easy Ways Use Technology in the English Classroom Firek Heinemann 2003
13 ways of Looking at Student Teaching  Rychlik Heinemann 2003
180 Days Around the World Learning About Countries Cook Incentive Pub. 1993
25 Biggest Mistakes Teachers Make & How to  Avoid Them Orange Corwin Press 2000
A Guide to Early Years Practice (2e) Smidt Routledge 2003
A Guide to Teaching Practice (5e) Cohen Routledge 2005
A Handbook of Mentoring Students & Young People Miller Crest Pub.House 2004
A Sociology of Educating (4e) Meighan Taylor & Francis 2003
A Teaching Assistant's Guide to Managing Behavior  Bentham Routledge 2006
A to Z Training & Development Tools & Techniques Malone A Jaico Book 2005
Addiction Treatment a Strengths Perspective Wormer Thomson Learning 2003
Advancing Gerontological Social Work Education Mellor Haworth Press 2002
Advice for New Faculty Members Boice Allyn & Bacon 2000
An Ethic of Excellence Berger Heinemann 2003
An Introduction to Theories of Personality (6e) Hergenhahn Prentice Hall 2003
And What Do You Mean by Learning? Sarason Heinemann 2004
Anthropology A Perspective on the Human Condition (2e) Schultz Mayfield 1998
Antisocial Behavioral School (2nd edition) Walker Thomson Learning 2004
Asking the Right Questions A Guide to Critical Thinking (7e) Browne Pentice Hall 2004
Assessment and Learning in the Primary School Wragg Routledge Falmer 2001
Assessment of Exceptional Students (6e) Taylor Allyn & Bacon 2003
Basics in Medical Education Amin World Scientific 2003
Becoming a Helper (4e) Corey Thomson Learning 2004
Becoming a Successful Teacher of Mathematics Tanner Routledge 2000
Becoming a Team Achieving a Goal Herrenkohl Thomson Learning 2004
Best Practice Today's Standards for Teaching & Learning Zemelman Heinemann 2005
Better Behavior in Classrooms Mathieson Routledge Falmer 2002
Between One and Many The Art & Science of Public Speaking Brydon Mayfield 1994
Building Background Knowledge for Academic Achievement Marzano ASCD 2004
Case Studies in Abnormal Behavior (5e) Meyer Allyn & Bacon 2001
Changing Higher Education Ashwin Taylor & Francis 2005
Child Development & Teaching Pupils with Special Education Tilstone Routledge 2004
Child, Family. School, Community, Socialization & Support Berns Thomson Learning 2004
Children, Families and Schools Beveridge Routledge Falmer 2005
Children's Play Scarlett Sage Publications 2005
Classic of Public Administration (5e) Shafritz Thomson Learning 2004
Classroom as Learning Communities Watkins Routledge 2005
Classroom Assessment Principles & Practice (3e) McMillan Allyn & Bacon 2004
Classroom Assessment Techniques (2e) Angelo Jossey-Bass 1993
Classroom Management A Practical Approach for P.Teachers Ayers David Fulton  1998
Classroom Strategies for Helping At Risk Students Snow ASCD 2005
Clinical Practice with Adolescents Martin Thomson Learning 2003
Comprehensive Classroom Management (7e) Jones Allyn & Bacon 2004
Computers in Education (3rd edition) Merrill Allyn & Bacon 1996
Computers in the Special Education Classroom Johnson Haworth Press 1987
Continuum Guide to Media Education Brereton Taylor & Francis 2001
Copywriting for the Electronic Media A Practical Guide Meeske Thomson Learning 2003
Counseling a Comprehensive Profession (5e) Gladding Prentice Hall 2004
Counseling Children -6/ed Thompson Thomson Learning 2006
Counseling Diverse Clients Slattery Thomson Learning 2004
Creating Cyber Libraries An Instructional Guide for School Craver Libraries Unlimited 2002
Creating Inclusive Classrooms (5e) Salend Prentice Hall 2005
Creative Editing (4e) Bowles Thomson Learning 2004
Creativity Timpe A Jaico Book 2003
Creativity & Early Years Education (Hard Cover) Craft Continuum 2002
Creativity & Early Years Education (Soft Cover) Craft Continuum 2002
Creativity in Education Craft Taylor & Francis 2001
Curriculum Alternative Approaches,Ongoing Issues (3e) Marsh Prentice Hall 2003
Curriculum and Pedagogy in Inclusive Education Nind Routledge Falmer 2005
Cyber Ethics Halbert Thomson Learning 2002
Cyber Ethics (2e) Halbert Thomson Learning 2005
Daily Planning for Today's Classroom (2e) Price Thomson Learning 2003
Designing & Developing Multimedia Elin Allyn & Bacon 2001
Designing a School Library Media Center for the Future Erikson ALA Editions 2001
Developing a Learning Culture Sue Jones McGraw Hill 1996
Developing a Professional Teaching Portfolio Costantino Allyn & Bacon 2002
Developing and Training Human Resources in Organizations Wexley Prentice Hall 2002
Developing The Curriculum (6e) Oliva Allyn & Bacon 2005
Development and Planning of Modern Education Aggarwal Vikas 2005
Dictionary of Statistics & Methodology (3e) Paul Vogt Sage Publications 2005
Dictionary of Statistics & Methodology (3e) Paul Vogt Sage Publications 2005
Differentiated Instruction in the English Classroom King-Shaver Heinemann 2003
Differentiation in Teaching & Learning O Brien Continuum 2001
Digital Moviemaking (5e) Gross Thomson Learning 2004
Distance Education What Works Well Corry The Haworth Press 2003
Doing and Writing Qualitative Research Holliday Sage Publications 2005
Dyslexia and Mathematics (2e) Miles Routledge Falmer 2004
Early Childhood Curriculum Hirsh Allyn & Bacon 2004
Early Childhood Education (3e) Bruce Hodder Arnold 2005
Early Childhood Language Arts (3e) Jalongo Allyn & Bacon 2003
Early Years Play & Learning Broadhead Routledge 2004
Educating Children with Emotional and Behavioural Diff. Thacker Routledge Falmer 2004
Education for Cataloging & the Organization of Information Hill Haworth Press 2002
Education of the Gifted & Talented (5e) Davis Allyn & Bacon 2004
Education, Equality and Human Rights Cole Taylor & Francis 2005
Educational Administration & Organizational Behavior Hanson Allyn & Bacon 2003
Educational Administration Concepts & Practices (4e) Lunenburg Thomson Learning 2004
Educational Issues in the Learning Age Matheson Continuum 2000
Educational Leadership (2e) Cunningham Allyn & Bacon 2003
Educational Research Wellington Taylor & Francis 2003
Educational Research Competencies for Analysis (8e) Gay Prentice Hall 2006
Educators as Learners Creating a Professional Learning Wald ASCD 2000
Effective Grading A Tool for Learning & Assessment Angelo Jossey-Bass 1998
Effective Learning & Teaching in Modern Languages Coleman Routledge 2005
Effective School Management (4e) Everard Paul Chapman 2004
Effective Teaching in Elementary Social Studies (5e) Savage Prentice Hall 2001
Effective Teamwork Ten Steps for Technical Professions Goetsch Prentice Hall 2004
Effective Training Systems,Strategies & Practices (2e) Blanchard Prentice Hall 2004
Elementary Classroom Management (4e) Charles Allyn & Bacon 2005
Elementary Science Methods A Constructivist Approach (3e) Martin Thomson Learning 2003
Elementary Science Methods A Constructivist Approach (4e) Martin Thomson Learning 2006
Elementary Statistics in Social Research (8e) Levin Allyn & Bacon 2000
Employing People with Disabilities Evans Cipd 2001
Enhancing Student Achievement A Framework for School Danielson ASCD 2002
Entrepreneurship Theory Process Practice (6e) Kuratko Thomson Learning 2006
Environmental Impact Assessment A Comparative Review Wood Prentice Hall 1995
Essential Interviewing (6e) Evans Thomson Learning 2004
Essential Teaching Skills (2e) Kyriacou Nelson Thornes 2001
Essentials of Public Speaking (2e) Hamilton Thomson Learning 2003
Ethics in Research Gregory Taylor & Francis 2003
Evaluation & Assessment in Educational Information Technology Liu Haworth Press 2001
Experimental Methodology (9e) Christensen Allyn & Bacon 2004
Exploring Social Change America and the World (4e) Harper Prentice Hall 2002
Facilitator's Guide to Participatory Decision-Making Kaner NSP 1996
Foundations of Behavioral Research (4e) Kerlinger Harcourt 2000
Fraud Examination (2e) Albrecht Thomson Learning 2006
From Standards to Success O'Shea ASCD 2005
Fundamentals of Early Childhood Education (4e) Morrison Prentice Hall 2006
Future Schools and How to Get There From Here Dixon ECW Press 1992
Gender and Subject in Higher Education Thomas Open Uni. Press 1990
Get That Job! Easy Steps to the Job You Want (3e) Hornby Prentice Hall 2005
Getting Results with Curriculum Mapping Jacobs ASCD 2004
Getting the Grant How Educators Can Write Winning Gajda ASCD 2005
Graduate Theological Education the Human Experience Anderson Haworth Press 2003
Group Counseling Strategies & Skills (4e) Jacobs Thomson Learning 2002
Group Techniques (3e) Corey Thomson Learning 2004
Guiding Children's Learning of Mathematics (10e) Kennedy Thomson Learning 2004
Handbook for Qualities of Effective Teachers Stronge ASCD 2004
Handbook of Benchmarking & Threshold St.Higher Education Smith Crest Pub. House 2004
Handbook of Staff Development Sheal Crest Pub. House 2004
Helping Young Children Learn Language& Literacy Vukelich Allyn & Bacon 2002
Holding Values What We Mean by Progressive Education Engel Heinemann 2005
Homework Kidwell Continuum 2004
Hospitality Management Education Barrow Haworth Press 1997
How Exams Really Work Lloyd Cassell 1999
How the Brain Learns (2e) Sousa Corwin Press 2001
How the Gifted Brain Learners Sousa Corwin Press 2003
How the Special Needs Brain Learns Sousa Corwin Press 2001
How to Improve Your School Rudduck Taylor & Francis 2004
How to Pass Graduate Psychometric Tests (2e) Bryon Kogan Page 2002
How to Pass Numeracy Tests (2e) Tolley Kogan Page 2002
How to Pass Verbal Reasoning Tests (2e) Tolley Kogan Page 2002
How to Succeed at an Assessment Centre Tolley Kogan Page 2002
How to Survive Your First Year in Teaching Cowley Taylor & Francis 2003
How to Teach so Students Remember Sprenger ASCD 2005
How to Thrive as a Teacher Leader Gabriel ASCD 2005
How to Use Standards in the Classroom Harrison ASCD 1996
Human Memory (2e) Neath Thomson Learning 2006
Human Relations Career and Personal Success (7e) DuBrin Prentice Hall 2005
Human Services in Contemporary America (6e) Burger Thomson Learning 2004
ICT & Literacy Gamble Continuum 2000
Identifying and Supporting Children with Specific Learning Macintyre Routledge Falmer 2004
Improving Literacy Skills for Children with Special E.Needs Duncan Routledge Falmer 2001
Inclusion Practices with Special Needs Students Education Pfeiffer Haworth Press 1999
Inclusive Education A Practical Guide to Supporting Div. Loreman Routledge Falmer 2005
Infants and Toddlers Curriculum and Teaching (4e) Watson Delmar 1999
Insights into Teaching Mathematics Orton Taylor & Francis 2002
Instruction and Assessment of ESL Learners Brownlie P & M Press 2004
Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching (3e) Roblyer Prentice Hall 2004
International Encyclopedia of Higher Education (12 Volumes)   Crest Pub.House 2003
International Organizations (2e) Pease Prentice Hall 2003
Interviewing in Action Relationship, Process & Change Murphy Thomson Learning 2003
Introducing Public Administration (3e) Shafritz Longman 2003
Introduction to Early Childhood Education (5e) Brewer Allyn&Bacon 2004
Introduction to Learning Behavior (2e) Powell Thomson Learning 2005
Introduction to Research Education (7e) Ary Thomson Learning 2006
Introduction to Research Methods & Data Analysis Langdridge Prentice Hall 2004
Invitation to Public Speaking (Preview Edition) Griffin Thomson Learning 2003
Involving Parents Stern Continuum 2003
Issues & Ethics in the Helping Professions (6e) Corey Thomson Learning 2003
Issues and Methods in Comparative Politics An Introduction Landman Routledge 2004
Issues in Design & Technology Teaching Sayers Routledge 2002
Key Issues in Education & Teaching Wilson Taylor & Francis 2000
Key Issues in Secondary Education Beck Taylor & Francis 2003
Language Disorders A Functional Approach to Assessment Owens Allyn & Bacon 2004
Leadership in Library & Information Science Professions Winston A Jaico Book 2005
Learning and Behavior (5e) Chance Thomson Learning 2006
Learning and Development Harrison Cipd 2003
Learning and Memory An Integrative Approach Lieberman Thomson Learning 2006
Learning Behavior and Cognition (3e) Lieberman Thomson Learning 2006
Learning Citizenship Practical Teaching Strategies for S.S. Wales Routledge Falmer 2005
Learning Mathematics (2e) Orton Taylor & Francis 2001
Learning Strategies in Foreign & Second Language Macaro Taylor & Francis 2001
Learning Theories An Educational Perspective (4e) Schunk Prentice Hall 2004
Learning to Learn the Skills & Will of College Success Vanderstoep Prentice Hall 2003
Learning to Solve Problems with Technology (2e) Jonassen Prentice Hall 2003
Learning to Teach in the Secondary School Capel Routledge 2004
Learning to Teach Mathematics in the Secondary School Wilder Routledge 2005
Learning to Teach Science in the Secondary School (2e) Jenny Frost Routledge Falmer 2005
Linking Teacher Evaluation and Student Learning Tucker ASCD 2005
Listening to Students Reflections on Secondary C.M. Thorson Allyn & Bacon 2003
Literacy Development in the Early Years (5e) Morrow Allyn & Bacon 2005
Literacy Disorders (2e) Manzo Thomson Learning 2006
Literacy�s Beginnings Supporting Young Redaers & Writers McGee Allyn & Bacon 2004
Looking Out / Looking In (10e) Adler Thomson Learning 2004
Making the Most of Understanding by Design Brown ASCD 2004
Management & Supervision in Law Enforcement (4e) Bennett Thomson Learning 2004
Management of Human Service Programs (3e) Lewis Brooks/Cole 2001
Managing Your Classroom Dixie Continuum 2003
Marking & Assessment Tanner Continuum 2003
Meeting Standards Through Integrated Curriculum Drake ASCD 2004
Memory Meaning and Methods (2e) Stevick Thomson Learning 2006
Mergers & Acquistions: Critical Reader Risberg Taylor & Francis 2005
Metadata & Organizing Educational Resources the Internet Greenberg Haworth Press 2000
Methods in Behavioral Research (8e) Cozby McGraw-Hill 2004
Micro-Teaching Charan Das Kalyani Publishers 1998
Moderate Learning Difficulties and the Future of Inclusion Norwich Routledge Falmer 2005
Modern Human Relations at Work (9e) Hodgetts Thomson Learning 2005
Motivation Theory,Research & Applications (5e) Petri Thomson Learning 2004
Motivation to Learn Integrating Theory and Practice (4e) Stipek Allyn & Bacon 2002
Multimodel Teaching & Learning Kress Taylor & Francis 2001
Multiple Regression in Behavioral Research (3e) Pedhazur Thomson Learning 1997
Numeracy and Beyond Applying Mathematics in the P.School Hugfhes Open Uni.Press 2000
On Education Thinking in Action Brighouse Routledge 2006
Outreach Services in Academic and Special Libraries Kelsey Haworth Press 2003
Patient Education Lorig Sage Publications 2001
Performance Evaluation 0and Benchmarking John Taylor & Francis 2005
Personality Theories (4e) Allen Allyn & Bacon 2003
Persuasion The Art of Influencing People James Borg Prentice Hall 2004
Philosophy of Educational Research Pring Taylor & Francis 2003
Philosophy of Religion An Introduction Rowe Wadsworth 2001
Physical Education in the Early Years Wetton Routledge 1997
Planning and Managing A Public Relations Campaign Gregory Crest Pub.House 2003
Planning, Implementing & Evaluating Health Promotion Program McKenzie Benjamin/Cumming 2005
Play, Development & Early Education Johnson Allyn & Bacon 2005
Politics An Introduction (2e) Axford Routledge 2002
Practical Poetry Holbrook Heinemann 2005
Practical Tips for Teaching Assistants Bentham Routledge 2005
Preparing Instructional Objectives Mager Crest Pub.House 2004
Preschool Math Williams Gryphon House 2005
Primary Teachers Handbook Overall Taylor & Francis 2003
Principal Training on the Ground Stein Heinemann 2003
Principles of Learning & Behavior (5e) Domjan Thomson Learning 2006
Productive Reflective at Work Bood Routledge 2006
Program Evaluation Methods & Case Studies (6e) Posavac Prentice Hall 2003
Public Administration Watson Longman 2002
Public Administration An Action Orientation (4e) Denhardt Thomson Learning 2003
Public Personal Administration (4e) Cayer Thomson Learning 2004
Public Relation Cases (6e) Hendrix Thomson Learning 2004
Public Speaking Strategies for Success (2e) Zarefsky Allyn & Bacon 1998
Public Teaching One Kid at a Time Kittle Heinemann 2003
Qualitative Research a Personal Skills Approach Shank Prentice Hall 2002
Quantitative Decision Making with Spreadsheet Applications Lapin Thomson Learning 2002
Quantitative Methods in Educational Research Gorard Taylor & Francis 2001
Quantitative Methods: A Short Course Curwin Thomson Learning 2004
Quantitative Techniques (6e) Lucey Thomson Learning 2006
Race,Gender and the Education of Teachers Blatchford Open Uni.Press 1993
Raise The Issues An Integrated Approach          Numrich Prentice Hall 2002
Reaching Out Interpersonal Effectiveness&Self-Actualization Johnson Allyn & Bacon 2006
Reading Assessment for Diagnostic-Prescriptive Teaching Manzo Thomson Learning 2006
Readings for Reflective Teaching Pollard Taylor & Francis 2004
Readings in the Strategy Process (3e) Mintzberg Prentice Hall 1998
Recruit & Select: Frame Success Cooper Thomson Learning 2006
Reflective Teaching Pollard Taylor & Francis 2003
Reflective Teaching in Further & Adult Education Hillier Taylor & Francis 2003
Reflective Teaching of Science 11-18 Parkinson Continuum 2002
Research Design Explained (5e) Mitchell Thomson Learning 2004
Research Design Qualitative,Quantitative & Mixed Methods Creswell Sage Publications 2003
Research Methods a Tool for Life Beens Allyn & Bacon 2004
Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology (4e) Coolican Hodder Arnold 2004
Research Methods for Generalist Social Work (3e) Marlow Thomson Learning 2004
Research Methods for Postgraduates (2e) Greenfield Arnold 2002
Research Methods for Social Work (4e) Rubin Thomson Learning 2004
Research Methods in Education (5e) Cohen Routledge 2003
Research Techniques for the Health Sciences (3e) Neutens Prentice Hall 2002
Research-Based Methods of Reading Instruction Grades K-3 Vaughn ASCD 2004
Rethinking Disability De Poy Thomson Learning 2004
Rethinking University Teaching (2e) Laurillard Routledge 2004
Running Your Tutor Group Startup Continuum 2003
Scaffolding Emergent Literacy (2e) Soderman Allyn & Bacon 2005
School Counseling for the Twenty-First Century (4e) Baker Prentice Hall 2004
School Effectiveness & School Improvement Harris Taylor & Francis 2001
School, Family and Community Dietz Aspen 1997
School Leadership That Works From Research to Results Marzano ASCD 2005
School Smarts The Four Cs of Academic Success Burke Heinemann 2004
Secondary Teachers Handbook Overall Taylor & Francis 2003
Sentence Dynamics An English Skills Workbook (6e) Immel Longman 2005
Slide Collection Management in Libraries & Information Units Sutcliffe A Jaico Book 1997
Social Thoughts into the Twenty-First Century (6e) Cuzzort Harcourt 2002
Sociology (10e) Macionis Prentice Hall 2005
Special Educational Needs in the Early Years (2e) Wilson Routledge Falmer 2003
Staffing the Principalship Lovely ASCD 2004
Straight Talk for Today's Teacher Kirschner Heinemann 2005
Strategies for Successful Student Teaching Pelletier Allyn & Bacon 2004
Strategies for Sustainable Open and Distance Learning Hope Routledge 2006
Strategies Teaching Students with Learning & Behavior Bos Taylor & Francis 2002
Student Manual for Theories of Psychotherapy & Counseling Sharf Thomson 2004
Student Teaching A Process Approach to Reflective (2e) Goethals Prentice Hall 2004
Student Teaching and Field Experiences Handbook (5e) Roe Prentice Hall 2002
Study A Guide to Effective Learning,Revision and Examination Barrass Routledge 2002
Succeeding With Standards Linking Curriculum,Assessment Carr ASCD 2001
Successful Subject Co-ordination Farmery Taylor & Francis 2004
Successful Writing for Qualitative Researchers Woods Taylor & Francis 2005
Supervision That Improves Teaching Strategies Sullivan Corwin Press 2005
Surviving 9/11 Impact and Experiences Precin Haworth Press 2003
Taking Action with Teacher Research Meyers Heinemann 2003
TDC Integrating Technology in the Classroom (3e) Shelly Course Technology 2004
Teacher Evaluation to Enhance Professional Practice Danielson ASCD 2000
Teacher Professionalism in Further & Higher Education Robson Taylor & Francis 2005
Teacher-Centered Professional Development Diaz-Maggioli ASCD 2004
Teaching & Learning Algebra French Taylor & Francis 2002
Teaching & Learning Design & Technology Eggleston Taylor & Francis 2000
Teaching & Learning in Second Language Macaro Taylor & Francis 2003
Teaching & Learning Science Bennett Taylor & Francis 2003
Teaching 3-8 Meeting the Standards for Initial Teacher O�Hara Taylor & Francis 2004
Teaching and Assessing Spelling Fresch Scolastic 2002
Teaching as Inquiry Rethinking Curriculum Hill Allyn & Bacon 2005
Teaching Assistants Guide Managing Behavior Classroom Bentham Taylor & Francis 2005
Teaching Assistants Handbook Kay Continumn 2003
Teaching Children & Adolescent with Special Needs (4e) Olson Prentice Hall 2004
Teaching English 3-11 Myers Taylor & Francis 2004
Teaching English A Handbook for Primary & Secondary S.T. Goodwyn Routledge Falmer 2005
Teaching in Further Education (6e) Curzon Taylor & Francis 2004
Teaching International Studies Improving Learning for All Carroll Routledge 2005
Teaching Languaqge Context -3/ed Hadley Thomson Learning 2006
Teaching Literacy A Creative Approach Sedgwick Continuum 2001
Teaching Literature 11-18 Blocksidge Continuum 2000
Teaching Mathematics Cowan Taylor & Francis 2005
Teaching Physical Education 11-18 Macfadyen Continuum 2002
Teaching Physical Education 5-11 Bailey Continuum 2003
Teaching Poetry Sedgwick Taylor & Francis 2003
Teaching Secrets The Technology in Social Work Education Middleman Haworth Press 1991
Teaching Skills in Further and Adult Education (3e) Minton Thomson Learning 2005
Teaching Students with Special Needs in Inclusive Settings Smith Allyn & Bacon 2004
Teaching What Matters Most Stronge ASCD 2001
Teaching With Technology (2e) Norton Thomson Learning 2003
Teaching With the Brain in Mind (2e) Jensen ASCD 2005
Teachning Students Geriatric Research Perkinson Haworth Press 2000
Tecahing Kids with Learning Difficulties in Regular Class. Winebrenner Free Sp.Publishers 1996
The Anti Bullying & Teasing Book for Preschool Classroom Sprung Gryphon House 2005
The Art of Scientific Innovation Cases of Classical Creativity Ahmed Prentice Hall 2005
The English Teacher's Companion (2e) Burke Heinemann 2003
The Essentials of Conditioning and Learning (2e) Domjan Thomson 2000
The Examplary High School George Harcourt 2000
The Examplary Middle School (3e) George Thomson Learning 2003
The Gift of Language Garcia Taylor & Francis 2000
The Global Dynamics of News Studies in International News Malek Ablex Publishers 2000
The Helping Relationship Process and Skills (7e) Brammer Allyn & Bacon 1999
The Human Services Counseling Toolbox Howatt Thomson Learning 2000
The Internet and Travel and Tourism Education Williams Haworth Press 2001
The Internet and Web Design for Teachers Anderson Longman 2001
The Internet in School (2e) Grey Continuum 2001
The Modern Researcher (6e) Barzun Thomson Learning 2004
The Newly Qualified Teacher�s Handbook Elizabeth Crest Pub.House 2003
The Power of Questions A Guide to Teacher & Student Falk Heinemann 2005
The Practice of Social Research (10e) Babbie Thomson Learning 2005
The Principles of Learning & Behavior -5/ed Domjan Thomson Learning 2006
The Quick Reference Guide to Educational Innovations Orange Corwin Press 2002
The Research Interview Gillham Taylor & Francis 2003
The Role of ICT Loveless Continuum 2003
The Routledge Reader in Gender & Education Arnot Taylor & Francis 2005
The School of the Future Saiyidin Indian Publishers 2000
The Teacher's Daybook 2005-2006 Burke Heinemann 2005
The Technology Fix Pflaum ASCD 2004
Theories of Educational Leadership and Management (3e) Tony Bush Sage Publications 2005
Theories of Human Learning -5/ed Lefrancois Thomson Learning 2006
Theory Practice & Trends in Human Services Neukrug Thomson Learning 2004
Thinking Like a Teacher Meisels Allyn & Bacon 2002
Training Interventions Managing Employee Development Reid Jaico Book 2003
Training Needs Analysis and Evaluation Bee Cipd 2002
Understanding & Evaluating Educational Research (2e) McMillan Prentice Hall 2002
Understanding by Design (Expanded 2nd edition) Wiggins ASCD 2005
Understanding by Design Professional Dev.Workbook McTighe ASCD 2004
Understanding Teaching Excellence in Higher Education Skelton Routledge 2005
Using Literature Activities to Teach Content Areas to Em.Re. Donoghue Allyn & Bacon 2001
Welcome to Kindergarten Walmsley Heinemann 2004
What Makes a Good Primary School Teacher? Gipps Routledge 2004
What's After Assessment? Strickland Heinemann 2005
Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites Tate Corwin Press 2003
Writing Instructional Objectives for Teaching Assessment Gronlund Prentice Hall 2004
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