Media & Communication

Title Author Publisher Year
Animation Writing and Development Wright Focal Press 2005
Basic TV Technology Hartwig Academic Press 2005
Broadcast News Writing, Reporting & Producing (4e) White Academic Press 2005
Cash Flow Forcasting Fight Academic Press 2005
Communication Between Cultures (5e) Samovar Thomson 2004
Communication in Small Groups Theory,Process Skills (6e) Cragan Wadsworth 2004
Communication Theories in Action An Introduction (3e) Wood Thomson 2004
Contemporary Newspaper Design Berry Mark Batty 2004
Directing The Documentary (4th edition) Michael Rabiger Focal Press 2004
Ethics in Media Communication Cases and Controversies Day Thomson 2004
Film Production Management Cleve Academic Press 2005
International Communication Concepts and Cases Anokwa Thomson 2004
Introduction to Mass Communication  Baran Mayfield 1999
Langford's Starting Photography (4e) Langford Focal Press 2005
Mass Media and Society (4e) Curran Hodder Arnold 2005
Media & Culture Theory Curran Routledge 2006
Media Communication An Introduction to Theory & Process Watson Palgrave 2003
Multimedia for Learning Methods & Development (3rd Edition) Alessi Allyn & Bacon 2001
Net, Media and the Mass Communication Chakravarthy Author Press 2004
Photojournalism The Professionals Approach (5e) Kobre Focal Press 2004
Power Journalism Computer-Assisted Reporting Miller Harcourt Brace 1998
Producing for TV & Video A Real-World Approach Kellison Focal Press 2005
Public Relations Writing Form & Style (7e) Newsom Thomson 2005
Radio Production (5e) McLeish Focal Press 2005
Radio Production Worktext (5e) Gross Focal Press 2005
Radio Production Worktext Studio and Equipment (4e) Reese Focal Press 1997
Readings in Mass Communication Jurdi The Bookshop 1983
Reporting Technical Information (11e) Houp Oxford 2006
Setting Up Your Shots Vineyard Michael Weise 2000
Single-Camera Video Production (4e) Musburger Focal Press 2005
Studio Photography: Essential Skill Child Focal Press 2005
Technical Communication (10th edition) Lannon Prentice Hall 2006
Television Production Handbook (7th edition) Zettl Thomson 2000
The Business of Streaming & Digital Media Hoch Academic Press 2005
The Dictionary of Multimedia Terms & Acronyms Brad Hansen FD Publishers 1999
The Dynamics of Mass Communication (8th edition) Dominick McGraw Hill 2004
The Newspaper Handbook (4e) Keeble Routledge 2006
The Practice of Public Relations (9e) Seitel Prentice Hall 2004
This is PR The Realities of Public Relations (8e) Newsom Thomson 2004
Video Field Production and Editing (5e) Compesi Allyn & Bacon 2000
Writing and Reporting News A Coaching Method Carole Rich Wadsworth 2005
Writing for Television,Radio,and New Media (8e) Hilliard Thomson 2004
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