Title Author Publisher
A History of Modern Psychology (7e) Schultz Harcourt Brace
A Textbook of Educational Psychology Volume I Dash Dominant Publishers
A Textbook of Educational Psychology Volume II Dash Dominant Publishers
A Textbook of Practical Psychology Fox Akansha Publishing
Abnormal Psychology Perry NTC Learning Works
Abnormal Psychology in a Changing World (5e) Nevid Prentice Hall
Adolescent Psychology Mehta Pointer Publishers
An Introduction to Statistics in Psychology Howitt Prentice Hall
Approaches to Psychology (3e) Glassman Open University 
Atkinson & Hilgard's Introduction to Psychology (14e) Smith Wadsworth
Bases of Educational Psychology Bhatia Kalyani Publishers
Biological Psychology (2e) Rosenzweig Sinauer
Biopsychology (4e) Pinel Allyn & Bacon
Careers in Psychology Opportunities in a Changing World Kuther Wadsworth
Child Psychology: A Contemporary Viewpoint (Updated 5th edition) Parke Mc Graw Hill
Clear Thinking with Psychology Ruscio Thomson
Cognitive Psychology (3e) Sternberg Wadsworth
Cognitive Psychology: In and Out of the Laboratory (3e) Galotti Wadsworth
Community Psychology (2e) Duffy Allyn & Bacon
Complex Cognition Sternberg Oxford University 
Conducting Research in Psychology Measuring the Weight of Smoke (2e) Pelham Wadsworth
Contemporary Issues in Educational Psychology (5e) Clarizio Mc Graw Hill
Countertransference in Psychotherapy with Children and Adolescents Brandell Aronson
Culture and Psychology (3e) Matsumoto  Wadsworth
Developmental Psychology A Student's Handbook Harris Psychology Press
Doing Psychology Experiments (6e) Martin Wadsworth
Educational Psychology Dash Deep & Deep 
Educational Psychology Theory and Practice (6e) Slavin Allyn & Bacon
Educational Psychology (7e) Woolfolk Allyn & Bacon
Educational Psychology (9e) Woolfolk Allyn & Bacon
Educational Psychology and Techniques of Teaching Bhatia  Kalyani Publishers
Essentials of Educational Psychology Aggarwal Vikas Publishing 
Essentials of Psychology Saul Kassin Prentice Hall
Essentials of Psychology (6e) Rathus Harcourt
Exceptional Children (4e) Heward Merrill
Exercises in Psychological Testing and Assessment (5e) Cohen Mc Graw Hill
Experimental Psychology Sharma Surjeet Publications
Fundamentals of Cognitive Psychology (5e)  Ellis WCB Brown 
Handbook of Clinical Child Psychology (3e) Walker  John Wiley & Sons
Health Psychology: An Introduction to Behavior and Health (5e) Brannon Wadsworth
Hilgard's Introduction to Psychology (12e) Atkinson Harcourt Brace
History of Psychology Sharma Surjeet Publications
Integrative Psychotherapy Moursund Thomson
Introduction to Industrial / Organizational Psychology (4e) Riggio Prentice Hall
Introduction to Psychology Gateways to Mind and Beahavior (10e) Dennis Coon Wadsworth
Kagan and Segal's Psychology: An Introduction (9e) Baucum Wadsworth
Mastering Psychology (2nd edition) Davies  Mscmillan
Munn's Introduction to Psychology (5e) Fernald A.I.T.B.S.
Overview of Psychology Sharma Surjeet Publications
Pathways to Psychology (2e) Sternberg Wadsworth
Principles of Psychology (6e) Kimble Wiley Eastern
Psychological Testing and Assessment (10e) Aiken Allyn & Bacon
Psychological Testing: Principles, Applications and Issues (5e) Kaplan Wadsworht
Psychological Types at Work Bayne Thomson
Psychology (2nd European edition) Carlson Allyn & Bacon
Psychology (4e) Sternberg Wadsworth
Psychology (4e) Wortman Mc Graw Hill
Psychology (4e) Carole Wade Harper Collins
Psychology (7e) Carole Wade Prentice Hall
Psychology A Student's Handbook Eysenck Psychology Press
Psychology Applied to Modern Life Adjustment in the 21st Century (7e) Weiten Wadsworth
Psychology Applied to Work (7e) Muchinsky Wadsworth
Psychology at Work (2e) Berry Mc Graw Hill
Psychology Concepts and Connections (7e) Rathus Wadsworth
Psychology in the New Millenium (8e) Rathus Harcourt
Psychology the Adaptive Mind (3e) Nairne Wadsworth
Psychology The Core on CD-ROM Mitterer Harcourt Brace
Psychology Themes & Variations (6e)  Weiten Wadsworth
Readings in Cognitive Psychology Riegler Allyn & Bacon
Research Design in Clinical Psychology (3e) Kazdin Allyn & Bacon
Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology (4e) Coolican Hodder Arnold
Research Methods in Psychology (6e) Shaughnessy Mc Graw Hill
Research Methods in Psychology (7e) Elmes Wadsworth
Simply Psychology (2e) Eysenck Psychology Press
Social Psychology (2e) Smith Psychology Press
Social Psychology (3e) Brehm Houghton Mifflin
Social Psychology (5e) Michener Wadsworth
Statistical Methods for Psychology (5e) Howell Duxbury
Supervision Concepts & Practice of Management Leonard Thomson
Supervision for Supervision Chandrakandan Authors Press
Supervision Key Link to Productivity (7e) Rue Irwin McGraw-Hill
Supervision Techniques and New Dimensions (2e) Travers Prentice Hall
Supervision: Concepts & Practices of Management (9e) Leonard  Wadsworth
Supervisor's Survival Kit (7e) Chapman Prentice Hall
Textbook of Cognitive Psychology Asch Ivy Publishing House
The Common Ground of Psychoanalysis Wallerstein Aronson
The Encyclopedia of Evolving Techniques in Dynamic Psychotherapy Solomon Aronson
The Psychology Major's Handbook Kuther Thomson
The Psychology of Language Jay Prentice Hall
The Psychology of Teaching and Learning in the Primary School Whitebread Routledge Falmer
The Psychology of the Social Uwe Flick CambridgeUniversity
The Psychology Student Writer's Manual Scott Prentice Hall
The Social Psychology of Organizing (2e) Weick Addison Wesley
The World of Psychology (2e) Wood Allyn & Bacon
Understanding Children (2e) Schickedanz Mayfield Publishers
Understanding Psychology (5e) Feldman Mc Graw Hill
Wallace E. Lambert's Psychology of Language Learning Sharma Global Vision 
Work Out Psychology Dwyer Macmillan
Writing Papers in Psychology (5e) Rosnow Thomson
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